"In mid 2018 we (CLM) began to roll out a project to upgrade our CRM across the country and, as part of the changeover, one of our requirements was to have integrated EFTPOS to the new CRMs point of sale module. After making a number of enquiries with businesses that offered EFTPOS payment solutions, Skyzer Payments Limited came to the party with several solutions that worked for us included modern terminals and full integration with our new CRM. I personally worked directly with Skyzer Payments Limited to roll out 40 EFTPOS terminals to 20 of our facilities throughout NZ and the rollout was smooth and seamless. 4 of our facilities operate 6 months of the year and Skyzer Payments Limited accommodated us appropriately. Skyzer Payments Limited technical support is consistently good and if the call center miss something Skyzers technical specialist is excellent. We are very happy with Skyzer Payments Limited and look forward to a long business relationship for years to come."
"Skyzer's responsiveness to our changing and growing business requirements over the past few years coupled with their industry knowledge and technical support has provided a seamless experience for our customers at checkouts. The support and knowledge of this very technical and complex product they provide to our team have been second to none."
Farro Fresh
"What a pleasure it was to work with Skyzer Payments to provide us with reliable Eftpos terminals across our NZ retail stores. The team at Skyzer made the migration to the new MOVE 5000 a seamless process. They tailored the solution and installation to our needs and supported us each step of the way. Skyzer truly understands the needs of the ever-changing retail environment."
Just Group
"Skyzer is a key vendor in our NZ landscape and has been for many years, supporting our stores in providing an integrated eftpos solution. They are extremely accommodating and are willing to assist at every turn. With a large fleet of stores in NZ, Skyzer provides exceptional service in ensuring our fleet is maintained.  Pin pads are replaced in a timely manner, getting our Point of Sale machines back up and running which enables our stores to do what they do best, support our customers. Skyzer were also on the front foot in recent times in relation to the recent COVID lockdowns which was much appreciated. We have another project in the initial phases that we will be partnering with them to deliver.  "
Spotlight Limited
"We have progressively switched to Skyzer as our old suppliers leases have expired. this was a considerable cost saving for us. We have had excellent support in the changeover and any teething problems were promptly recitified. The value of using a machine that did not require the computer as an intermediary was well demonstrated for us when all our stores on Skyzer machines were able to continue trading after a malware attack locked up our computers, whereas we were able to use cash only in the few remaining sites with different machines."

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