Instant Tipping

Instant Tipping allows the cardholder to enter a TIP directly into the Eftpos device. This can be done in one of two ways.

The cardholder may be asked to present their card at the counter of the establishment, where the merchant will process the transaction through the Eftpos device. Once the amount has been entered, the cardholder will be prompted to add a tip to the transaction. The cardholder can then add a tip or gratuity to the transaction, in which case the terminal or pinpad will prompt the cardholder to confirm the amount of the Tip and the total amount of the transaction before completion.

Alternatively, the merchant may have a Pay at Table solution, whereby the Eftpos device is brought to the table to enable the cardholder to complete the transaction where they are seated.

For more information on Pay at Table solutions, refer to the MOVE5000.

We use the Paymark Network


75% of all transactions throughout the country are processed through Paymark, which has been processing secure and reliable digital transactions for over 30+ years


Paymark has processed over 21 billion transactions


100K+ EFTPOS terminals operate on the Paymark network supporting over 88,000 merchants

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