Terminal Management System (TMS)

A Terminal Management System, or TMS as it is known in the industry, is a system that manages the delivery of software to terminals installed throughout the country. It is a NZ requirement that all terminals be kept up to the latest version of software, and Skyzer’s TMS enables the delivery of software to those terminals.

For terminals connected over Broadband or using 3G / 4G connectivity, on a monthly basis at a pre-determined time, each terminal will contact TMS to determine if new software is available for that particular terminal. If new software is available, the terminal will commence downloading the required new applications to the Eftpos device.

The terminal will continue to download each application until it has downloaded the complete version of the software. Once the final application has been downloaded, the terminal will ensure the application has passed the appropriate security verification and the new software version is activated.

This ensures that not only is the new application being verified, but the new version remains dormant in the terminal until it is activated, ensuring that the terminal will always have an active payment application.

We use the Paymark Network


75% of all transactions throughout the country are processed through Paymark, which has been processing secure and reliable digital transactions for over 30+ years


Paymark has processed over 21 billion transactions


100K+ EFTPOS terminals operate on the Paymark network supporting over 88,000 merchants

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